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InfinityMR – new quality multirotor 3axis brushless gimbal. Read more below.

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InfinityMR – new quality multirotor 3axis brushless gimbal

  • Gimbal weight: 1245g including Orbit damping system and extended mounting system
  • Gimbal weight: 1081g excluding Orbit damping system and extended mounting system
  • Supported cameras: up to 1.4kg weight including Canon 5D MKI-III* (and cameras like GH4/GH3/A7S/A7RII/BMPCC/A6000 etc.)
  • Super rigid construction made from carbon fiber and aluminium
  • Different motors on all axis to provide best troque and stabilization
  • Best quality, high troque 28P motors
  • 14-16V operating voltage (4S lipo suggested)
  • Gimbal comes ready to use out of the box – 100% assembled, equipped with AlexMos controller, encoders, Orbit damping system with universal Extended mounting system
  • Innovative Orbit damping system for better vibrations damping
  • Extended mounting system – 12mm aluminium tube clamps with carbon rails for easy mounting on different multirotors
  • Easy balancing with  thumbscrews
  • Box-shape camera shelf allows to mount AV tx/ HDMI converters etc.
  • 3M DualLock system for additional equipment mounting
  • MR mounting rails with 12mm tube clamps available separately
  • 100% Europe-based production

Read before purchase:

* maximum weight of lens using Canon 5D MKI-III is 450g

Basic package in the promotion preorder price includes:

  1. InfnityMR ready to use out of the box
  2. Camera bolt
  3. Shipping box
  4. Free word-wide shipping


Test flight with AlexMos and encoders (download raw file on Vimeo to check quality):

Encoders with AlexMos controller on InfnityMR gimbal:

Additional Information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 25 x 26 x 26 cm


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