Roll-Tilt Damper for gyro head

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Design to work with gyro stabilised heads. It consists of two axis of stabilisation. Tilt axis dampens all unwanted moves caused by acceleration or braking when used on car or telescopic crane. Roll axis eliminates (softens) all unnecessary movement caused by “g” forces caused by sideways movement.

Both axis can be separately adjusted (tuned) to used payload and type of use or work environment. Adjustment is done by four independent dampers with damping force regulation knobs.

This solution is very user friendly due to use of standard Mitchell mount. It can be used with payloads from 5kg up to 90kg. Due to its mechanics it can be used only in under slung mode.

Technical Data:
Total weight : 4925g
Min payload : 5000g
Max payload: 90 000g
Total hight : 180mm (without Mitchell mount)

Additional Information

Weight 45 kg
Dimensions 85 x 75 x 35 cm


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