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SR21.5 Racing Drone

SR21.5 aka SimpleRacer 215 is a perfect choice for everyone who’s looking for best quality, compact, powerful racing drone.

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Out of stock

Are you looking for a durable, light and master quality racig drone? Do you want to protect your equipment during crushes?
SR21.5 will the best choice. We’ve build tens of prototypes to find ultimate shape and quality.

  • Optimum size – 215mm motor to motor
  • Light weight – 115g total weight
  • Motor rings protectors and low-lying upper deck to protect your RC/FC/PDB/FPV equpiment
  • 3/1.5mm 3K twill carbon fibre – best quality for long term crush resistance
  • M2x18mm nylon spacers for low CoG
  • FPV camera protected by double carbon fibre walls
  • GoPro/FHD Camera 32.5° angled mounting plate
  • Double 30x30mm mounting holes (compatible with any FC/PDB with 30x30mm mounting pattern)

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Weight 0.5 kg
Dimensions 17 x 20 x 5 cm


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