Stella Next Generation Coaxial X8 Multirotor

Stella – next generation, patent pending, coaxial X8 multirotor.

It is available as empty frame kit and RTF version. Contact us for more details.

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€2,214.00€6,865.00 ex.Vat | €1,800.00 in.VAT


Stella – next generation, patent pending, coaxial X8 multirotor. Lighter than previously available platforms, but much more rigid due to innovative design. Non-foldable frame, but easy to transport due to compact size. Center of body ensures a lot of space and free access to components inside. On the top plate are located main power inputs and additional power outputs. Arms are the biggest asset of Stella, construction design affects stiffness and improves air flow generated by propulsion system. Strong LED lights on the tips make Stella visible even on a sunny day. Placement of ESC’s provides perfect cooling. GPS mast can be quickly folded. Exchange of batteries is fast and easy as they are mounted on a special top plate by straps. Landing gear can be detached for transport, legs are secured by thumbscrews. Built in anti-vibration system allows to install gimbal and not worry about vibrations. Platform is as always tailored to professional needs and available in a couple of combinations: from an empty frame to fully equipped UAV platform with customized camera/sensor stabilizer, foldable landing gear, additional mountings etc. Stella is tested with various autopilot systems including DJI A3 PRO, Naza N3 and Pixhawk 2.1 – flies great with each of them!

Designed and produced in Poland by HD Air Studio

  • Wheelbase (motor to motor): 848mm
  • Outer frame dimension: 682x682mm
  • Maximum top propeller diameter: 20”
  • Maximum bottom propeller diameter: 21”
  • Height: 478mm
  • Height under main body (payload space): 335mm
  • Empty frame weight: around 2300g
  • Diameter inside center body: 267mm
  • Height inside center body: 40-54mm
  • Landing gear: fixed with quick release connector for fast disassembling
  • Battery mounting: no the top of the drone
  • Dust, water resistance : IP54
  • Built in LED lights: 2 x green, 2 x red
  • Built-in FPV camera: yes, as an option
  • Battery plugs: XT90 (can be modified)
  • Power source for external devices: 16V/3A, 12V/3A, 5V/3A
  • Quick release for payload (gimbal): yes, available as an option
  • Retractable landing gear: available in the future
  • Damping system: built is center body of a frame
  • Suggested payload: 2.5-6kg
  • Suggested battery: 2x 6S 22.000mAh
  • RTF weight (excluding battery and payload; including all the electronics, autopilot, motors, ESC, props, etc.): 6060g
  • Autopilot options: Pixhawk 2.1, DJI A3, DJI A3 PRO, DJI N3.
  • Suggested motors: MN601S 320kv
  • Suggested ESC: Alpha 60A LV
  • Suggested props: 20/21”
  • Flight time (12900g AUW) with 2x 16000mah and 10% battery capacity remaining: 22min. With 2 x 22000mah: 26,5min.
  • Customization available

ARTF version includes: 24V 400A power instalation + 8x T-Motor MN601S 320kv + 8x T-Motor Alpha 60A LV ESC + 4x T-Motor 20″ carbon propeller + 4x T-Motor 21″ carbon propeller + 3x BEC: 16V/3A, 12V/3A, 5V/3A + LED Lights (red on front and green on back). If you need RTF version with RC transmitter&receiver, charger, Li-Po batteries, gimbal and additional accesories please contact us.



Additional Information

Flight controller model

No FC, Pixhawk 2.1 with HERE GPS, DJI A3, DJI A3PRO, DJI N3

Frame version

Stella frame with landing gear, Stella frame with landing gear ARTF version with T-MOTOR MN601S 330kV motors (details in description)


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